Dr. Charles Renick, our Columbia SC chiropractor, has many been actively involved in the wellness of his local community for many years. Read below to see the ways Renick Chiropractic & Soft Tissue Clinic has given back.

Art DoC Ironman Triathlons

Dr. Charles Renick is an official Partner with Ironman Triathlons (IPN) and has served as ART Doc for Ironman Triathlons for over 22 years. Dr. Charles Renick annually treats the best athletes in the world at the Ironman Triathlon World Championships in Kona, Hawaii. In addition to treating the athletes for days prior to the race, Dr. Charles Renick typically serves as director of the Transition 2 team where the athletes change from biking to running.

Active Release Techniques: www.ActiveRelease.com

Ironman Triathlons: www.Ironman.com

Foot Levelers: www.FootLevelers.com

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Preventing Workers Comp Injuries

Dr. Charles Renick is an Elite Network Provider (EPN) and member of the ART Corporate Provider Network (CPN), an OSHA-endorsed program where elite Doctors in Soft Tissue treat repetitive stress injuries in the workplace preventing Workers Comp injuries. A highly successful program, employers find that the ART program has prevented injuries and WC claims to keep employees healthy and at work, and has reduced their WC premiums.

Dr. Charles Renick treats employees at Trane Industries Columbia which was recognized for logging one million work hours without any injury or work loss. Dr. Charles Renick’s work prevents injuries and WC claims which, according to OSHA calculations, has saved Trane Columbia SC over $300K every year for the past nine years.

Rock Tape Doctor

Dr. Charles Renick is a trained Rock Tape Doctor, or “Rock Doc”. Using this advanced form of kinesiology tape can not only help support injured or vulnerable joints and muscles of your body (like shoulders, knees, ankles, elbows, hamstrings, etc.) but can also help your posture and boost athletic performance.